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Image Websites and Marketing (IWM) .Biz offers consultation for individuals and businesses who are looking to increase their traffic to their website to help them increase their traffic to their websites.  IWM has professional guides available to assist you in learning the latest methods individuals and companies are using to increase their traffic!


We can help you get started and teach you how to keep the ball rolling.  Social Website Marketing is one of the newest and fastest growing trend in internet marketing today. 


The Purpose:   After reading this report (and implementing the formula herein) you will be able to create an exact process map (a step-by-step blueprint) for gaining traffic, action and sales from social networks. You will gain the following benefits by reading and acting on this report:


A step-by-step action plan that is unique for your business model.
A guideline where you can access and work your action plan.
A clear understanding of how the social networks can help to achieve:
           High search engine rankings SEO
           Traffic Action (opt-ins, sales)



This report introduces a formula for neatly categorizing all of the various functions of thousands of social networks into an easy to understand system (formula) that (when implemented to create a blueprint) will yield an exponential traffic effect. In other words, by using the social networks in a systematic (and planned) way, you achieve a significant amount of traffic leverage on the back end for a little bit of effort on the front end.  Taking action on this report will yield an asset for your business that you can refer to as a process map or hand to an employee or freelancer to work for you.  As an added benefit, this report will show you a way to end your 100% reliance on search engine rankings for traffic (assuming this is your primary angle).